Machinae Supremacy: Custom CD Covers
Jets'n'Guns O.S.T
Jets'n'Guns GOLD Edition O.S.T

 Music done by Machinae Supremacy & Nooly
 Jets'n'Guns game and artwork (c) 2004 & 2007 Rake In Grass
 All CD covers design (c) 2006 & 2008Lojza Filip using RIG's graphic & front cover designs from MaSu's website

There are 2 cover variations for Jets'n'Guns O.S.T.: for normal CD case and for slim CD case. Use the one you like.
For J'n'G GOLD Edition, there's just one cover variation (slim CD case) - the same applies for CDs Origin, Arcade and Fury.
Burn the CD using mp3s from Machinae Supremacy Site.
Pay attention to the track order! Burn the tracks in the same order as presented on the covers.
Download modified Shop Music tune from here: 29 Shop Music. It has different length, proper looping and fadeout in contrary to the *.ogg version available at Machinae's discography page.
You need to get edited J'n'G "GOLD" tracks 30 - 37. They have proper looping and fade-out. I can't post them, but if you're close enough to the source , you'll find them ;)

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J'n'G Normal CD case: front

J'n'G Normal CD case: back

J'n'G Slim CD case

J'n'G CD surface

J'n'G GOLD Slim CD case

J'n'G GOLD CD surface

Origin Slim CD case

Arcade Slim CD case

Fury GOLD Slim CD case

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